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Configuring a Dashboard

Dashboards can be configured so they show the information you want to see, this section shows you how to configure dashboards

Under Modules go to Dashboards

Click New to start a new dashboard or open to edit a ready made dashboard.

If you have opened an existing dashboard under options go to edit mode.

On the tile there is a Cog. Click the cog to configure that tile. (to remove click the x)

You will then be presented with a set of available options and filters depending on the data the tile will display. Click on the filter you want to activate so it changes colour, then select the filter options.

You can make data match (equal) or exclude (not equal)

To apply a filter check the box's on the filter you want to use and the criteria.
The example shown will show items that are not Medium or Low rating.
After making a selection click the next filter or commit to end.