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Creating Question Response Sets

Response sets allow you to create any type of response to the questions you wish to ask. These predefined responses may be simple Yes / No, Acceptable or Not Acceptable, Pass / Fail are if those responses are a pass, fail or major fail. There is no limit to the number of response types you can have and the number of responses in each. So if a new question is asked that requires a specific response it is easily created.

From the Admin section under Questionnaires / Assessments

Click the add next to Response sets

Set the Content Type

From the content type drop down select the module the response set belongs to. In the instance it is Control. NOTE: When you attach a question to a response set, the question inherits the content type so only become visable for thast module. e.g. Questions that use a response set with a content type of control can only be attached to controls.

Set Name

This is a name that will allow you to identify the response types. This name appears in the drop down to select the type of response you want to a question asked in the audit. So we suggest you keep it simple. This response will be a simple Yes or No.

Under the response option enter the text you want to appear and if that response is a Pass or Fail. These are the options the person asking the question will be able to select from.
Pass is Green
Minor Fail is Amber
Major Fail is Red
These are the colours that will appear on dashboards and in reports.

To remove unwanted response text click the - to the right.

To Add new lines click the + to the right

Save to finish