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Create an Assessment Libary Question

Some items such as controls can have assessment question assigned to them to test they are working. These questions can be contained in a Library.

From the Admin section

In the Admin section under Questionnaires / Assessments click on Add

In the Question box enter the question you want answering

Select the response set to use, if an appropriate one does not exist click on the + to add new. (response sets are the available responses and if they are a pass or fail) NOTE: response sets belong to a module, Audit / Controls etc. The question inherits this connection and filters the questions when adding them via the front end.

If required you can also set a higher or lower importance level to a question. This rating helps the system give you a suggested rating at the end of the audit based on minor and major fails and the level of importance.
High has a value of 3
Normal a value of 2
Low has a value of 1
At the end of the audit these are added and whichever rating gets the highest score becomes the suggested overall rating but this can be manually overridden by the auditor.

Save to finish