Quick Reference to the function of the different emails.

New Account emails

This is sent when you add a user or create a new account for a user. It notifies the user of there logon details.

Tracker Emails

Action Update emails: When an assignee updates an action details/ status this email will be sent to the group manager
Action comment response emails: If a user responds to an assignees update This will notify the user who left the comment that was responded to.
New assignment emails: This is sent when you assign an action to a user
Outstanding emails: This email will go to anyone who has an outstanding issue
Overdue emails: Based on the action by date this email can notify users in advance of when actions will become overdue and also what is overdue.

Audit Planning Emails

Audit Start emails: Reminds auditors and contacts of the upcoming audit.
Next due audit emails: Reminds auditors of audits that are due and need to be prepared
Notify Contact emails: Notifies of a pending audit so the department or those being audited are aware