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Making Questions and Sections Conditional

Questions or sections headers can be conditional, become active upon the response of another question

First create the questions including the conditional responses

When you have created the questions save the page and continue to edit

select the column chooser from the menu next to Add New

Turn on the Conditional Questions Column and click update grid

Click the conditional icon for the question that you want to make conditional

Select the parent question

and then the response that will make that question appear

Repeat for further questions, you can also make conditional responses have further conditional links. So the "If the answer is Yes.." question can also have child questions to it's responses. This means a page with a single visible question could end up with many answered questions, and depending on the responses the questions shown would vary. The questionnaire would dynamically unfold based on the auditors responses.

Link several questions and section headers to a response

You can make section headers and multiple questions conditionally linked to a response so they only appear if a specific response is given.

Click on the conditional link for the header or question

Select the response that will make it visible

Repeat for each question or header that is to appear if that response is given.

Conditional Questions and headers dynamically appear on the assessment page.