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Make Questionnaire Template

You can make a template from an assessment allowing you to quickly create further questionnaires using the same layout.

First create and save an assessment questionnaire will all the questions, conditional questions and section headers that you want to include in the template

Whilst the form is in edit mode

From the Templates link select Save

Name it and save. If a template exists with the same name, this will overwrite that template. If you need to edit a template, make the required changes and save using the same name.

To create a questionnaire from a Template

Under the Template link select Load

Select the template and click load.

The form will populate with the details saved in the template. You can now edit this form, including adding or removing questions. Save to finish

To remove or delete a template - Go to the Administration section

For Control question templates go to the Questionnaires / Assessments tile click on Assessment templates

For audit assessments go to the Audit Assessments tile and then Audit assessment templates

Select the template to delete and from the footer drop down select the option to delete. The system will notify you of any item that will be effected by the removal, click yes to confirm your option or cancel.