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Linked Responses

KRI can have responses from other risks indicators. How linked works.

Open the existing options menu then select Link

Select the source - where the information will come from

Linked questions - non admin users

Non admin users can not supply answers to indicators linked to a source. The source response is used. e.g. The above indicators are linked to the Customer Complaints risk. The response entered by the assignee for customer complaints will populate these indicators.
NOTE: admin level users can override and edit responses on a risk by risk bases. Once a KRI has been saved the responses from linked indicators are recorded. If the source is changed the linked responses will NOT automatically update, an admin level user will need to manually update each instance.


A new report "Indicators Source" report will show you where indicators are used and which are the Source entries as well as who they are assigned to.

The search text lets you filter the report with a word or string to locate matches. e.g. if you just want to see indicators that have the word "customer" in the question or "customer complaint"

Free Training

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